Why Arivl?

Arivl is a pioneer in the world of iBeacon technology that harnesses the power of BLE, Bluetooth Low Energy, to connect the digital and physical environments, making these work together for the users. Arivl is a mobile application which allows users to open points of access with the swipe of a finger.

The Arivl experience

Arivl is redefining access control with a completely integrated approach using Bluetooth technology. This means that users will be able to experience seamless access control and through the painless commute that Arivl brings. Using Arivl means that users will connect to access points via Bluetooth and by the swipe of a finger open entry and exit points.

Our Arivl-Ecosystem enables a simplified daily commute, including travelling to and from their homes, office and favourite shopping malls.


Arivl allows users to open points of access with the swipe of a finger. Simply wait for your device to connect to our ArivlBox™ before swiping up to open your boom.

Once Bluetooth is activated, your Arivl device will search for the closest boom.

Once a boom is found, your Arivl device will connect almost instantly.

Simply swipe your finger to open the boom.

Here’s to your arrival.


Our Arivl-Ecosystem™ offers an integrated solution which allows users to travel from their homes, office to their favorite shopping mall all with one app.

Can we tell you more?

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